Cyber Security Division

Through a practitioner-driven approach, IntelPacific
Cyber Security Division creates and deploys information resources—standards, frameworks, tools and technologies enabling seamless and secure interactions among security stakeholders. With its wide-range of partnerships; critical infrastructure sectors; Internet security researchers; universities; national laboratories and international organizations, Our cyber security team works to strengthen capabilities to communicate, share, visualize, analyze and protect information.

Cyber Security team leads the efforts in cyber security research and development projects that result in transforming an idea to a deployable solution. Through an aggressive cyber security R&D lifecycle process—research, development, test, evaluation and transition to practice—IntelPacific
produces unclassified solutions that address today's complex challenges and can be implemented in both the public and private sectors. In addition to being innovative, the division develops usable technologies, tools and techniques to defend, mitigate, and secure current and future systems, networks and critical infrastructures against cyber-attacks.