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Build intelligent, mission-critical applications

Introduction We’re seeing new connections everywhere. Smart phones. Laptops. Sensors on machines, vehicles, and appliances. All of those connections are generating massive amounts of data. For companies that can transform and manage it, data represents a huge opportunity as a source of competitive advantage and should be leveraged as such.

Big data is touching every industry and every individual in some way, from IT professionals and business leaders to the customers they serve. Retail shoppers can receive discounts or store directions delivered to their smart phone as they browse a boutique. Online consumers can get personalized offers tailored just for them.

By using big data, manufacturers are measuring the success of their new products in days instead of weeks. And drivers can take advantage of easier access to on-street parking based on real-time data and smarter devices. Big data and cloud are the two technologies driving some of these kinds of dramatic transformations. Together,

they enable us to bring our most valuable assets together in a new way.